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Nexgram Holdings Berhad is an investment holding company listed on Bursa Malaysia. The group has diversified interest in various industries, including telecom, media and technology (TMT), property investment and development, as well as project investments & incubation


Nextnation Network, the subsidiary of Nexgram Holdings Berhad, is a leading end-to-end mobile application service provider connecting to 500 mobile networks, supporting thousands of developers and distributors. Having been continually involved in designing and developing wireless applications and world class multimedia platform, Nextnation provides low cost, high quality, easy to use, flexible and powerful value-added solutions specifically for clients to improve business processes effectiveness and efficiency as well as enhance customer satisfaction.

About MobileVAS


As a member of Nextnation Communication, Nextnation Interactive was established with the aim of providing mobile value added services and interactive business solutions for business corporations, advertising and media owners, agencies, content providers as well as mobile operators. Our products and services are created with the mission to add value to our customers’ business and mobile users anywhere, anytime.



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Suppliers / Partners

Software developer, media, entertainment, retail, consumer products, content developers & owners, corporates and government agencies. Provide your customers with mobile enabled applications, tools and contents. We will take care of all the hassles of mobile connectivity, billing and reports.

Mobile Services:
Java applications, 2-way messanging, SMS, MMS, WAP, Mobile Internet services, alerts, End-to-End broadcast, content provision, survey, voting, CRM, tracking & query system and more!

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Reseller Agents

We are looking for people that integrates; mobile services, plug & play mobile CRM, and content management applications; with their business to be agents of our award winning products.

Solutions Covered:
Reverse billing, SMS premium charging, bulk SMS, mobile application development, Content hosting, marketing & consulting services.

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