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SMSJetSMSJET™ provides multiple channel wireless messaging services using SMS, MMS and Wap push technology, and end-to-end reverse billing (micro billing) services using reverse charge SMS, manages larges amounts of high-quality mobile content and can deliver text & content using multiple gateways providing high value for money, reliable services and great revenue streams for all levels of business from small home enterprises to global leaders.

Depends on your needs, both mMessenger and mDeveloper could be customized with the following features:

Bulk SMS Gateway
Send bulk SMS with our cost-effective SMS gateway

Reverse Charge SMS
Charge customers with reverse charge SMS

SMS Application API
SMS contest, competition, voting, survey and system integrations

Mobile Content
Licensed mobile content: ringtones, games, images, movie clips, etc

Premium Rate Numbers
International premium rate telephone & IVR

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News & Headlines
Suppliers / Partners

Software developer, media, entertainment, retail, consumer products, content developers & owners, corporates and government agencies. Provide your customers with mobile enabled applications, tools and contents. We will take care of all the hassles of mobile connectivity, billing and reports.

Mobile Services:
Java applications, 2-way messanging, SMS, MMS, WAP, Mobile Internet services, alerts, End-to-End broadcast, content provision, survey, voting, CRM, tracking & query system and more!

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Reseller Agents

We are looking for people that integrates; mobile services, plug & play mobile CRM, and content management applications; with their business to be agents of our award winning products.

Solutions Covered:
Reverse billing, SMS premium charging, bulk SMS, mobile application development, Content hosting, marketing & consulting services.

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