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mCommerce-Suit is an application module tailored towards the corporate and enterprise sectors through application and software developers. It enables corporate applications such as SAP, Oracle and other third party business solutions to be accessed through a dynamic third party controller. The module allows for integration with the corporate backend systems.




The mCommerce-Suit can generate mobile and wireless applications in the following application areas:-


Function and usage


Provides entry and inquiry of time reporting, online reservations and/or status query such as check for bank transaction clearance, cheque clearance, bank balance and ticket reservation.

(Mobile Customer Relationship Management)

Provides real-time minute reviews and updates of client information, opportunities, products, and contact information. Also allows user to access customer database to analyse customer-buying pattern through mobile Internet.

(Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning)
Provides real-time access to resource management such as procurement, financials and supply chain. Able to integrate with existing Enterprise Resource Planning/Material Resource Planning system to provide real time data and information, such as the outstanding goods and readiness of goods within stipulated time.
mLogistics Provides instant access and updates for warehousing, inventory, field service, transport and delivery information as well as tracking of information on couriered documents, parcel, lost vehicle, child and items through mobile network.
News & Headlines
Suppliers / Partners

Software developer, media, entertainment, retail, consumer products, content developers & owners, corporates and government agencies. Provide your customers with mobile enabled applications, tools and contents. We will take care of all the hassles of mobile connectivity, billing and reports.

Mobile Services:
Java applications, 2-way messanging, SMS, MMS, WAP, Mobile Internet services, alerts, End-to-End broadcast, content provision, survey, voting, CRM, tracking & query system and more!

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Reseller Agents

We are looking for people that integrates; mobile services, plug & play mobile CRM, and content management applications; with their business to be agents of our award winning products.

Solutions Covered:
Reverse billing, SMS premium charging, bulk SMS, mobile application development, Content hosting, marketing & consulting services.

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